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Web of Science Essentials [EN]

Web of Science Essentials live training will equip you with the tips and tricks necessary to kick start your journey of discovery. Trainers will explain how to navigate the platform and ensure you are using Clarivate tools in the most optimal way to power your research journey.

Webinar language - English


Choosing the right journal for your research article [EN]

We invite you to the webinar prepared by SAGE Publishing. Now that you’re feeling confident about the quality and format of your manuscript, it’s time to submit it – but where? In this session, we’ll look at the criteria you can use to create a journal shortlist suitable for your particular research, and the kinds of things you’ll want to consider.


Preparing your manuscript, using SAGE Research Methods [EN]

In this session, preparing by SAGE Publishing, we’ll start by considering what high-quality, academic journals are looking for in a publishable research article, and what are the key criteria they will consider. We’ll then focus on the process of academic writing, with helpful strategies and areas of focus to ensure your writing is as good as it can be. Finally, we’ll look at the concept of ‘journal submission guidelines’. You may be wondering, what specific formatting and manuscript rules will my chosen journal expect, and how can I comply with them?